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holiday cottage comments New - A sample of what our guests say. Comments are taken from our visitors books that are in the properties. It's impossable to include them all so here are just a few.

a Cottage for two
a 4 star cottage for you
The Garden Annexe , a charming 4 Star, stone built property adjoining the owners home in the heart of the Carmarthenshire countryside, ideally located for exploring this stunningly beautiful part of South Wales. The Annexe is the perfect place for a short break away for Two, whether your a Twitcher, Walker, Mountain Bike Enthusiast, or just friends who would like to to explore what Carmarthenshire Wales has to offer. More Info

*****This property is not suitable for the less mobile, however our other properties are the perfect choice. Please call Grace to discuss your requirements

What our first Guests had to say about their stay in the Garden Annex
"A fabulous few days staying in the delightful, comfortable, cosy, Garden Annex at "Stangwrach Holiday Cottages". Waking to wonderful views with their autumn colours and in the October sunshine sharing coffee on the balconey with lots of birds and the hedgehog who came to visit each day. Our hosts have been helpful and kindness itself. Its been bliss in this lovely, peaceful haven/bolt hole away from the real world. With our batteries recharged its now back to that real world..ugh!  Highly recommend the Garden Annex"

Mudtrek - Mountain Biking with a guide.
Book this activity in advance whilst staying here at our 5 star Accommodation

Mountain Biking: Whether you want to take on the most challenging off pistil rides in Wales, or simply explore the world renowned local trails have expert guides that can do it all! See their Riding Page for some of the guided routes available. Great family activity, a great day out, whilst your staying at Stangwrach Cottages.

Full day guiding £125 (up to 8 guests)
Half day guiding £75 (up to 8 guests)
Full suspension bike hire £40 per bike per day

free internet
Changing to "Bluewave Internet" has made a vast improvement to the broadband service available for our visitors. Guests have been very surprised at the speeds considering our rural location. Its also available 24/7, free to use, with no extra costs.

We were delighted that Sue and Frank Napper from "Disabled holiday info" managed to find time in there busy schedule to stay at Stangwrach cottage. Their approval was extremely important to us. Their experience and incite into accessibility for the less able is vast. Disabled Holiday Info, provides free information to people with disabilities via their web site and written guides about really accessible leisure time pursuits and holiday destinations based on actual visits and assessments carried out by their wheelchair user researchers.
disabled Holiday accommodation

A lovely family seeing the work in process of Stangwrach Cottage when they were on holiday staying in the larger property Ash Tree Lodge last year decided to try out the smaller cottage this year. Being a family of 3 it proved ideal. We adjusted the downstairs bedroom to accommodate a special electric adjustable bed and dismantled the double bed, it took a bit of organising but it was well worth the result.
Accessible Self Catering Cottages with profiling beds

Accessible Self Catering Cottages in Llanfynydd Wales with disabled ac cess

We are proud to announce that after the extensive changes were made to Stangwrach Cottage we took a leap from 4 star to being graded a 5 star by the Welsh Tourist Board. We are so pleased to have achieved what we have, the comments from guests has been the icing on the cake so to speak. Guests who have revisited since the changes have been really amazed at the transformation.

What visitors have said about the alterations to Stangwrach Cottage
Couple from USA
"Thank you for your amazing hospitality and help, special thanks for decorating the cot us for Christmas it made it so special for us! and your help before and after our travels to ensure we had such a wonderful time here. Everything was picture perfect and it was great to meet your family and to hear of the origin of this magical place. Not only was the cottage glorious but also the views and the proximity to the beauty and landmarks Wales has to offer, we will be back."

Couple from Isle of Man
"We were here in May 2012 and had a lovely stay - but were astonished by the total transformation of Stangwrach Cottage 2014! In particular, apart from the great open layout and garden room - the way you have managed to cater for the needs of those of us who are not as agile as we once were. Really peaceful and comfy decor - and everything you could need at hand. Many congratulations - and thank you for looking after us so well.

Stangwrach Cottage has had a make-over
new accessable layout
This family run business has been beavering away altering one of there existing holiday Cottage's to make it more suitable for the less able whilst also updating the accommodation to a very high standard for all to enjoy. The now spacious light airy ground floor consists of a double room, with chocolate coloured walls, shabby chick furniture (not to shabby) and white metal bedstead. A dusted fondant (light purple) Wet-room, with amazing rain shower and a wonderful living dinning kitchen area with soft leather comfy sofas which seamlessly leads into the light warm garden room.
The driveway and garden area outside the cottage has been leveled, plenty of areas to sit in the garden or view it from the spacious garden room, if the weather is less clement. The upstairs now boosts twin beds for other family members plus a second larger double room with TV and comfy settee for having some private time. Its now completed. Its amazing, what a transformation. Just got to exchange paint brushes, for mouse and catch up with updating website and face-book, please bear with us. It will be worth the wait. Fantastic for Christmas, Book Now. You will not be disappointed. Its Fab, or Lush, I think that's the in word?

bird watchers paradise
The gardens around Stangwrach Cottage and Ash Tree Lodge are a haven for birds. With the variety of habitats we are lucky to have all kinds of birds, from the Red Kite to the tiny shy Gold Crest. Its particularly busy this time of year with all the fledglings making use of the feeding stations and having plenty of places to hide and wait for mum to feed them. The house sparrows have been particularly busy too. Our human guests are always amazed at the variety of birds that we have. Nut hatches, all the finches and Tit family, red start, black birds, swifts, house martins, dunock, wood peckers and the opportunistic sparrow hawk that swoops in for an easy meal, and the cheeky squirrels that are hilarious to watch as they try to fathom out how they can get the nuts. We also have a regular pheasant that struts around as if he is surveying his estate. In the winter he has an entourage of ladies but this time of year they are all busy with there broods. Rabbits and hedgehogs are also regular visitors as are the occasional fox and pole cat. At night you can hear the Owls and with a little luck you may see them.

kids activity trail
New activity trail for the kids nearing completion. We already had swings, toddler's slide and trampoline but now....... we have...... Tumble Bars to suit different ages, Balancing beams to test their skills, stepping logs and a large 10 foot slide for the older children. Plus numerous games, net ball, swing ball, and much more. So when you return from your day out and the adults are beginning to flag, you can get yourselves a cup of tea and sit back and watch the kids let off their boundless energy before they fall into bed.
kids activity trail
a swing for every need

Ash Tree Lodge can have an additional second adjustable
electric profiling bed.
In addition to the Electric profiling bed in the single room which has integral side rails that can be used for able or less able guests, we can now provide a Huntleigh Healthcare Minuet 2 specialist Electric profiling bed. This can be assembled in the playroom if requested as an additional bedroom for the less able. Charges apply.

This particular bed has the same electric facilities as the Dorma Fit in the single room with a couple of differences. The Huntleigh Healthcare has a Pentaflex (pink) mattrice. Side rails can be totally removed if not needed and this Huntleigh healthcare bed can be lowered to approx 9 inches off the floor, to the base of the mattress platform. Safe working load is 180kg.
(More Info about the bed can be viewed at this website.

Beautiful images taken by Andrew Wiliams during his recent stay at Ash Tree Lodge, taking fill advantage of the decked area that is built out into the trees, behind the lodge. Thank you Andrew for allowing me to use these on our website, they are Great!

Meet a meerkat at the National Botanic Garden of Wales. Tropical Inc are returning to the Garden to show off their incredible collection of creatures to find out more tickets 01558 667149. (Photographer Carl Stringer)

Badger Watching
Awaiting Dates.
Well worth booking in advance.
£10.00 Adult, £5 Child or Family £25 (2+2)
Badger Watching

January update 2012
Spring is in the air and everything is budding. Bookings are coming in fast so do not delay, we are very much looking forward to welcoming you and your families. Don't forget if your planning a big family get-together or celebration why not book both properties sleeping 16
A couple of enhancements since November the NBT arrived and it can be set up in the single 3 bedded room or in the playroom for special need sleeping arrangements.
“The Nickel”, is intended to keep children with disabilities, specifically autism, from escaping their room and putting themselves in a dangerous situation while parents or guardians are sleeping.
To be used at perants discretion for special needs use only!
special needs Nickel bed tent
In 2011 we had a request for an electric adjustable bed that elevates the guest for care needs with integral side rails, head and foot raisers, this is now available in the single room, to this room we have also added a flat screen TV for adult use. Being carers ourselves we understand that some less able guests need to keep to their routine, and have a place to go for quiet times, being able to watch their tv shows as if they were at home, undisturbed. (once side rails are lowered the bed looks like a normal bed).
In the kitchen/living room we have created more space by replacing sideboard with a built in larder, so if your grocery order arrives before you do, all your items will be viewable in one place for your arrival. Frozen or cold items will be placed appropriately.
Accessible Self Catering Cottages with profiling beds

holiday cottages in wales
Snow drops to daffodils, witch hazel to blue bells, spring is here at last. First trim of the lawns, bring the familiar aroma of the beginning of warmer weather to come. Bright sunshine emerge the garden into brilliant shadows a contrast to the past gloomy hues of winter. Time to think of summer, with holidays and weekend breaks, to explore pastures new or revisit those special places in beautiful Wales. Ash Tree Lodge and Stangwrach Cottage are awaiting to welcome your family, so call Grace today and book your holiday.

web Awards

swans on the lake
A lovely day out - A rare day off for us accommodation providers, packed lunch and walking boots. Stunning scenery at Bosherton Lilly Ponds, wildlife in abundance, a walk around the lakes is rewarded by dipping your feet in the crystal clear waters of the sea.
broad haven breach
You emerge from the woods and lakes onto Broad Haven a wide open beach a welcome signet for weary feet and a reward for any children in tow. Even better a huge natural rock pool area for a cooling off for your four footed friends. Need to walk further then carry on to Barafundle bay voted one of Britons best beaches and Stackpole one of the country's smallest Quays. A good day out had by all.
dog cooling off in the rockpool

New Product coming soon to Ash Tree Lodge - Safety Bed Tent for Children with Autism/Special Needs. We were recently asked about any facilities we have for these special children. It became clear that although we have the normal products i.e. bed rail, bed guards etc, these in some cases were unsuitable for those extra special children. On advise from a enquiring grand father with a special needs grandson we searched the internet and came across The Nickel Bed Tent.
nickel bed
We are currently awaiting delivery of the Nickel bed tent from America. Read the full story about Nick and his perants invention and the success of there product. Their hope is to help special needs children and their parents/families rest comfortably and peacefully throughout the night using our Nickel Bed Tent.

“The Nickel”, is intended to keep children with disabilities, specifically autism, from escaping their room and putting themselves in a dangerous situation while parents or guardians are sleeping.

We listen and value our guests suggestions.
We have had some unusual requests over the years, but we do our best to carry out clients wishes. A request for extending the patio to enable the less-able to be wheeled down the ramps from there vehicles. This has been carried out, and was much appreciated this year. It has also proved helpful for manoeuvring other less-able guests to exit from cars. Guttering was also asked for to stop clients getting wet whilst unloading. An extra fridge for medical purposes has also been requested and installed as was an Electric adjustable bed. Another couple of requests are in process. We are always adding things to the lodge to keep standards high. We are hoping to surprise you with a few more developments soon, watch this space.! If you have any other suggestions please let us now.

wheelchair platform

dryslwyn shop

Local supplies - Just wanted to let all our guests know that although you can arrange a Tesco on-line delivery of groceries to the accommodation, we would also welcome your support in purchasing goods from our community run shop. It is an outstanding achievement by the local community to keep the shop open and we would appreciate your custom. The shop stocks a wide range of foods and essentials from fresh and frozen goods, local produce and gifts. There is a tea room, post office and internet access. Open 8.30 to 17.30 Mon Tues Thurs and Fri then 8.30 to 12 wed and Sat. E-mail Grace a list the day before your holiday start date and we will make sure we get the supplies on your behalf and you can settle up when you arrive.

Badger Watching
Fantastic Evening - I took a couple of our guests to the badger watch this week. It was brilliant, raining at first but once up in the hide it made no difference the view was clear and we were not disappointed, what a way to spend a couple of hours. As usual Mike the warden was invaluable with his knowledge. These special evenings are saturday and wednesdays 7pm till 9pm, so give us a call so we can book you in. This wildlife experience is only available a for a couple of months a year so book asap.

badger watching in  wales
Evening treat - take the family badger watching in Dinefwr Park a fantastic experience well worth it, but you must keep quiet to see these amazing creatures as they emerge from there setts to forage for their favourite foods, earthworms, insects, roots, fruits and berries, you may even see the deer as they wander past the sett, retreating to the safely of the woods as the evening draws in. Binoculars and quite cameras a must.

Snow has arrived -The Gardens are very busy, as seen from the many foot prints not only human but also animals too, birds, foxes, squirrels, pheasants, scattering the snow everywhere. All making the most of the winter seed and nuts. There is nothing like snow to make you marvel at the wonder of nature.

Visit the Red Kite feeding station - combine the day with a trip to Dinefwr Park and Castle in Llandeilo first. The children can explore the castle and wear themselves out, then travel to Llanddeusant, have lunch at the Red Kite Café then walk 150 yards to the hide ready for the spectacle at 3pm prompt.

red kite spotting
Get cameras ready, once the food is out its every kite for themselves, no hanging about, it can be over within minutes. This is not a highly commercial set-up, it’s a low Tec affair but worth a short visit. Purchase your hide ticket from the Café with your Latte and toasted sandwiches. Yum Yum....
Take a look at our activities page for more information.

Jessica see's the fairy's - Deep within the secret garden the fairies begin to awaken, the early morning mist rises and the dappled sun light finds it way into the fairies brook. If you are quiet you may see them shaking the due from their delicate wings. But if they see you first they will stand as still as statues until you have gone.
magical fairies in the garden
The stream glistens as it tumbles down the waterfall creating tiny rainbows as it plunges into the pool below. The trickling stream cascades over and under tree roots around pebbles, winding it way past the heavy heads of the snowdrops and the tall golden daffodils.  This secret place is where caterpillars use umbrellas to shelter from the droplets of rain, ants help the gnomes mine for fairy dust. Fluffy rabbits with twitching noses look on at the magical world, where rainbows dance and fairies take there afternoon naps beneath the colourful toadstools. Will you see never know.

Llanelli Millennium coastal path - What a fantastic day we have had, beautiful spring weather, wonderful scenery and an amazing bike ride along the Llanelli Millennium coastal path. We had a latte in the Visitors Centre cafeteria. Great views over the coast and cycle route where we could watch families setting off to explore.
Llanelli cycle path
Some families chose to stay on the beach, other’s walked, and the less physically able were on their mobility scooters and wheel chairs. We pre-arranged to hire bikes from Sandra at Merlin Cycles who are also part of County Cycles in Crosshands.
Merlin Cycles are situated in the Visitors Centre. With expert help and advice from Sandra who chose the appropriate equipment for our needs, we set off on our ride with confidence. I myself had not been on a cycle for 25years, but had a great time, it was most exhilarating for all ages.
This is a good day out, well worth a visit, use your own cycle or hire them for the whole family, bike types, size and styles for everyone, even a tandem. You can even incorporate riding to the Wetlands Centre or Pembray Country Park, with its Dry Ski Run and the new Go Ape thrill.
Take a look at our activities page for more information on cycle hire from Merlin Cycles.

Brechfa Mountain Bike Trails - Ash Tree lodge and Stangwrach Cottage both offer Great value accommodation, only 6 miles from Brechfa and 4 miles from abergorleck a perfect location for a weekend short break adventure to explore the Brechfa trails.
mountain biking brechfa forrest
Brechfa is a perfect destination for both pootlers or those who like to ride totally pinned.
The Gorlech Trail, designed by Rowan Sorrell, is made up of three big climbs and descents stretching over its 19km.Test your full artillery of skills on the severe Raven Trail. In contrast, the Derwen Trail is the starting point for families and novices and a great introduction to mountain biking. All trails show off Brechfa Forest at its best.
Take a look at our activities page for more information.

TENBY BEACH - Another fantastic day. A trip to Tenby Beach, blue sky's, golden beaches, buckets and spades. Dogs enjoying the sand and sea.
tendy beach
Tenby is a beautiful seaside town with its coloured buildings, and small coastal streets. Lunch by the harbour at Oceans was a real treat, but be aware large club sandwiches, one will do two people, lovely cappuccino and home made chips. Parking in Tenby can be difficult but do not let that put you off . There are some large car parking areas just outside the town. If you are wheel chair user there are also some disabled bays down by the harbour.

AMROTH BEACH - What a fantastic day out. Went to Amroth beach today with the family, brilliant sunshine, rock pools, pebbles, a fantastic sandy beach. Everything you could wish for in a day out, also wheelchair pathways and toilets.
amroth beach

We had a lovely welcome from Nic and Ed at THE PIRATE RESTAURANT where we had lunch, overlooking the beach. Sit inside or out, both well catered for. We highly recommend the pirate restaurant, good customer service and the food, it was delicious and served with that all important smile, we couldn't have been made more welcome.

We watched the world go by, children playing in the sand, excited dogs running along the beach, horses galloping in the surf, all while sipping our frothy Cappuccino , enjoying our meal, and the perfect sunny weather.

Christmas and New Year at Ash Tree Lodge
Ash Tree Lodge - Just imagine a Christmas home from home in a land dusted with snow. Last Christmas we were very lucky, Stangwrach Holiday Cottage's with there beautiful gardens looked a picture, cloaked in white snow. Christmas and New Year guests were thrilled with its arrival. Making the Christmas and new year celebrations extra special. So go on book both the cottage and Lodge for a Christmas get-together that everone will remember, treasuring the memories created for years to come.
Ash Tree Lodge prices based on 8 persons
ash tree lodge in the snow at christmas
Both Properties are dressed for the festive occassion, you can take the stress out of food shopping by ordering a Tesco delivery to your chosen property well in advance of the holidays, we will put the items into the lodge/cottage for you so everything is ready for your arrival. The Local pub is just a short walk away and property owners are available 24/7 (Please be advised we do not allow fireworks or pets)

Christmas and New Year at Stangwrach Cottage
Stangwrach Cottage - This quaint little cottage is a romantic getaway for Christmas, Ideal for everyone, great for the less mobile if your bringing elderly relatives with you for the festivities. The cottage has a beamed interior and some loverly features a place to unwind with a glass of wine. A great property for all seasons.
stangwrach at christmas
Stangwrach Cottage sleep up to 6
stangwrach cottage at new year
Why not book both properties, stangwrach cottage a smaller property for the older generation and the larger lodge for the younger parents with the excited children.

Call or email Gace today for more details and pricing 01558668287

Arrival and departure dates are Flexable over Christmas and New Year. Short or long breaks considered, 10 day breaks covering both occassions also available.


Ash Tree Lodge and Stangwrach Cottage have been awarded 5 Star
by the Welsh Tourist Board.


Book now, or add the site to your favourites, come back soon.


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